Jill Stein 2016 Campaign Visits Florida

September 28,29 & 30 the Jill Stein 2016 Presidential Campaign will be visiting Tampa, Orlando, Sarasota and Miami, with possibly a visit in Gainsville. For any local Bay Greens who would like to make the drive south please contact me directly for more information and the details for each specific event. Here in Bay County I have ordered Jill 2016 Campaign materials so they should be here soon. Contact Henry at 850-258-1276 for details.

Local Elections – Big Money and Politics

Get big money out of American politics.


Northwest Floridians have a long history of independence – we like to do things ourselves, and don’t like outsiders interfering in our government. So why then, is Republican candidate for State Representative,District 6, Jay Trumbull accepting large donations not only from outside of Bay County, but from outside of Florida?

To date (07 Sept 2014) Jay Trumbull has accrued $239,970 in his campaign coffers, this is a huge amount of money when compared to the annual salary of the average person in Bay County. So far, he has spent $216.489 of that money.

Contrast this with the amounts collected and spend by the other candidates in the District 6 race for State Representative:
Jamie Shepard (DEM) Contributions: $12,172 Spent: $10,158
Henry Lawrence (GRE) Contributions: $1,230 Spent: $970
Jerry Wyche (WRI) Contributions: $300 Spent: $0

Mr. Trumbull claims he will be a fiscally responsible representative for Bay County residents, but he has spent roughly $216,000 dollars in less than a year to get elected to an office that pays only around $30,000 plus $133 per day per diem.

To date, Jay Trumbull has collected $11,325 in donations from out of state sources. These are mostly PAC’s and corporations with a financial interest in having a politician in their pocket.

$25 Fouraker, Donald E.

$250 Silva, Joseph

$250 Brady, JR Louis Park

$250 Hawkes Paul M.

$500 Welden Jordyn B.

$500 MillerCoors, LLC

$500 Comcast Corporation

$500 HDR Engineering, INC.

$500 Advance America

$500 NFIB – Florida Safe Trust

$500 Centene Management Company, LL

$1,000 Young, Ashley

$1,000 The Doctors Company Florida PA

$1,000 PHRMA

$1,000 Southern Oaks Rehab & Nursing

$1,000 Southern Oaks Rehab & Nursing

$1,000 Chevron Policy Government & PU

$1,000 Koch Industries, INC.

Spartanburg, SC

Chapel Hill, NC

St Simons Island, GA


Birmingham, AL

Milwaukee, WI

Philadelphia, PA

Omaha, NE

Spartenburg, SC

Washington, DC

St. Louis, MO

Lititz, PA

Napa, CA

Washington, DC

New City, NY

New City, NY

Concord, CA

Wichita, KS

Total Donations from out-of-state donors: 11,325

The list of individuals, and corporations, and PAC’s, within Florida, but outside of Mr. Trumbulls electoral district is much larger – and so is the total amount of money of their contributions.

The Green Party of Bay County feels that politicians should be held accountable by their constituents. Clearly, a candidate who gets a larger amount of money from outside his district than inside his district is not fully accountable to the people he intends to represent. The Supreme Court of the United States opened the flood-gates to allow Big Money to affect not only national elections, but also elections here, in northwest Florida. It’s time to get Big Money out of politics. It’s time to vote Green.

For further reading:

Florida Candidate Listing for 2014 Elections

Move to Amend on Citizens United

The Green Party of the United States has been actively working to get Citizen’s United repealed. We are forbidden via bylaws from accepting corporate money. This means that when a Green candidate is elected to office we represent you. The Green Party of Bay County, FL is promoting Henry Lawrence for State Representative, District 6. You can read more about Lawrence here, and donate to his campaign here.


Livestream – GPUS Annual Meeting

If you are unable to make it to the  GPUS National Meeting, you can watch via live video Stream. You can also participate by discussing the issues with Greens across the nation via text. Just click the link below.
Thursday July 24 4:00pm CDT thru Sunday July 27


Register to Vote

The Supervisor of Elections office in Bay County is extremely helpful, and wants to assist people in registering to vote. Mark Anderson, Supervisor of Elections in Bay County, Florida, wants everyone who can vote to exercise his or her right to vote.

Remember to register at least 29 day in advance of the election you want to vote in. You can download a copy of the Florida Voter Registration Form by clicking here. After you have filled out the form, you must deliver it in person, or mail it to the Supervisor of Elections Office. The address is included at the bottom of this post.

Remember that you must update your voter registration if any of the following change:

  • change of address
  • name change
  • signature change

You can find additional information, download pamphlets, and research candidates at www.bayvotes.org

Important upcoming dates 2014
Registration Deadline:  28 July 2014
Early Voting: 16 August – 23 August 2014
(Saturday -Saturday 7:00am – 7:00pm)
Election Day: 26 August 2014
(Tuesday 7:00am 7:00pm)

Registration deadline: 06 October 2014
Early Voting: 25 October 2014 – 01 November 2014
(Saturday -Saturday 7:00am – 7:00pm)
Election Day: 04 November 2014
(Tuesday 7:00am 7:00pm)

Bay County Supervisor of Elections – Mark Anderson
830 W. 11th Street
Panama City, Florida 32401

Tel: 850-784-6100
Fax: 850-784-6141


Email: Registration@bayvotes.org