About henry

Co-Chair and founder of the Green Party of Bay County since 2002/03. Joined the Green Party in 2000 while living in Albuquerque , New Mexico during the Nader Campaign.

Dogwood Alliance Investigation of ENVIVA in Cottondale, Fl.

Recently I joined two Dogwood Alliance staff and assisted in an investigation of the wood pellet manufacturing plant located in Cottondale, Florida which is 45 miles north of Panama City and uses the Port Panama City to ship 650,000 tons per year of wood pellets to the UK and Europe.
The original company Green Circle Energy sold out to ENVIVA in 2014/2015 and they are the largest exporter of wood pellets, nearly 5 million tons last year to the UK. Sadly this method of Fuel production is destroying our Southern Forest at an increasing rate. What was meant to be a method of using waste wood products as fuel has turned into a clear cutting of forests that was never the plan. The USDA gave $500,000.00 to Green Circle Energy for “job creation” and the economic benefits it would provide to the communities in the area, but the Ecological Footprint of this facility is a disastrous reminder of how good intentions can go astray. CO2 emissions from the harvesting, trucking, railroad, shipping and finally burning the wood pellets as fuel is a environmental catastrophe. For more on what you can do and stay more informed go to www.dogwoodalliance.org

Project Democracy 2015 Part 2

This week I complete this once a year opportunity to practice my outreach abilities as a representative for the Green Party here in Bay County. The High School students who will soon be registered voters are the audience for this opportunity. My apologies first to the students at Bay High School because I did have a good experience with several students who I spoke with after the presentation and the Q & A session which always follows the short 4 minute chance we have to share our Political Parties views, issues and platform.
All students of voting age need to participate in the voting process and the point of Project Democracy is to help encourage that process by those students. This week I shared the Green Parties 10 Key Values with the Seniors at Mosley High School on Monday, Dean Bozeman Seniors on Tuesday, Arnold High School on Friday morning and the Seniors at New Horizons on Friday afternoon. The students were ALL very well mannered and attentive to the speakers and I credit the teachers and student government representatives for that fact. As always this has been a learning experience for me as well, since it helps to remind me of WHY I joined the Green Party to begin with back in 2000 while living in Albuquerque, New Mexico prior to returning home to Panama City in 2001.
The Green Party is the only political party that is  a true Grassroots Democracy Party. We have our problems just like any other organization of individuals, but we always rise above our differences and carry on with Growing the Green Party for the next generation of voters who follow in our footsteps. Thank you to Mark Anderson the the staff of the Supervisor of Elections office for making this event available to the students of Bay County.

Project Democracy 2015 Update

Thank You Supervisor of Elections Mark Anderson and your staff for providing this once a year opportunity to speak to the voting age students of Bay County. It is always a very excellent learning experience for myself and other local Greens who have participated in this yearly event. This is the 6th year for Project Democracy.

Last week, February 5 and 6,  I had the opportunity to speak about the Green Party Platform and our 10 Key Values to 16-18 year old students at New Point Charter School, Rutherford High School and Bay High School. Hopefully my presentation and comments as an experienced Green Party leader encouraged the students to register to vote and participate in the electoral process.  It was encouraging and discouraging to say the least. Some students obviously wanted to know more and others, especially at Bay High, simply were distracted.  The students at New Point Charter School were very polite and respectful and asked good questions. The students at Rutherford High School were very responsive and participated in the process with good questions as well. My Alma Mater, Class of 1969,  Bay High School were rambunctious, due to the fact that we were in the cafeteria and they were sitting facing each other and spread out and not facing the speakers. They asked good questions but the level of distraction was still a problem. Thankfully the experience was still a good one and I left feeling encouraged by the opportunity.

This week provides the opportunity once again to speak with Mosley High School on February 9th, Dean Bozeman students on February 10th and Arnold High School and New Horizons students on February 13th so I have my work cut out for me.

Thankful always that my many years of activity with the Green Party offers some small bit of information the students will find useful when they decide to register and vote in the future.