About the Bay County Green Party

The Bay County Green Party is a small but dedicated group of people working to improve democracy in and around Bay County Florida. Established in 2002, we have been engaging our citizens, educating and encouraging voter registration, meeting with young people in the schools, and even running and endorsing local Green candidates for public office.


The Green Party is a value-based (see 10 Key Values below) and platform-based political party seeking to promote a deep democracy by working for peace and community, social justice, the preservation of a safe and healthy environment for generations to come, and the wise use of public assets (such as parks and the airwaves) for the common good. Above all, we seek to make concrete steps (ecological and social) NOW to ensure a good future for ourselves and others.

The Green Party takes no corporate money, and with a bottom-up vision, we are always in touch with the issues that are most relevant to our neighbors and members.

The Green Party of Florida seeks to put people over politics in the Sunshine State. With our key values and platform as guides, we work for political change and education. We fought alongside other groups in gaining ballot access in Florida; we will run knowledgeable, honest and ethical candidates for office.

An informed political alternative, we bring together the efforts, energies, and visions of Green Groups across the state which sponsor information and education campaigns on issues of local, regional, national and global concern.

We invite you to support your local Green Party and the Green Party of Florida in its program to grow and inspire Green forces throughout the state.


Third parties have often been the harbingers or agents of change. Whether they bring a fresh needed view to the political table, or give first-time representation to groups left out of the process, they have frequently provided the vital push to move society from impasse to action. Major examples include: abolition of slavery, women’s right to vote, the eight-hour work day, and civil rights legislation.

Our Congress is for sale, with major corporations (pharmaceuticals, energy, insurance, media and more) hedging their bets by giving immense donations to both parties, thus keeping in control no matter who wins. Progressive members of the traditional parties have virtually no say anymore, and are merely expected to deliver votes. The people are left out of vital decisions.

It’s time for a dramatic change in direction. One with vision and hope. One that respects the democratic process and embraces diversity. One that seeks life-enhancing, health-promoting solutions and moves towards a responsible and sustainable future.

The Green Party offers such hope and solutions.  Join us today!


The Green Party is based upon 10 Key Values. The first four below are our Four Pillars of the Greens. These values guide our vision and our day-to-day decisions.
Click here to download the 10 Key Values brochure.

Social Justice
Everyone should share in the fruits of our society regardless of gender, race, sexual preference, class, age, or disability. We work for a world in which all can live free of fear and discrimination.

Ecological Wisdom
Whatever we do to the web of life, we do to ourselves. We advocate stewardship of our resources for the continued health of our communities and our planet.

Grassroots Democracy
Citizens have the right and responsibility to participate in the environmental, political, and economic decisions that affect their lives.

We reject violence at all levels of society, from the family to the nation. We promote peace by working for justice and by advocating non-violent resolution to conflict.

Concentration of wealth and power in the hands of the few contributes to social and economic injustice as well as environmental destruction. We call for the return of local decision-making within an overall framework of ecologically sound, socially just values.

Community-Based Economics
Greens seek a new economics based upon the natural limits of the earth, which meets the basic needs of everyone on the planet, and is under democratic, decentralized community control.

Gender Equality
The Green movement is profoundly inspired by feminism. We call for an ethics of cooperation and understanding to replace the cultural values of domination and control.

Respect for Diversity
We honor the biodiversity of the Earth and the cultural, sexual, and spiritual diversity of Earth’s people. We aim to reclaim this country’s finest ideals: popular democracy, the dignity of the individual, and liberty and justice for all.

Personal & Global Responsibility

Greens are committed to global sustainability and international justice through both political solidarity and personal lifestyles, based on ecological principles and democratic values.

Future Focus/Sustainability
For the sake of “the seventh generation,” we seek to create a society which meets the needs of everyone within the natural limits of the earth.

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Green Party of Bay County Chairperson: Henry Lawrence hnlbicycle@yahoo.com

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